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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 18, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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one! only on "studio b" live today from st. louis, missouri, the champions, the st. louis cardinals. >>neil: move over, santa and make room for "no answer." welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto, the joking for -- jockeying could kickoff santa for the primary date, and they are now pondering a primary in, get this, december, the height of the holiday season as nevada moves to january 1, behind iowa
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january 3, and new hampshire must hold the primary a week before a similar election. that is giving the state little room to wiggle and sparking a revolt of the north pole and a call for 9 boycott of the nevada debate by huntsman, jr., but, first to another g.o.p. presidential candidate, ron paul, with me right new. congressman, do you think well be voting at christmastime? in new hampshire? >>guest: 50/50 chance. i'm not a good one to predict those things but it looks like it is getting closer and closer to having a december primary. it seems to be early. >>neil: aside that santa is opiated, congressman, do you think voters in new hampshire be upset this process is getting earlier and earlier and now is risking raining on the holiday parade? >>guest: well, but, i have not been thinking about this until i
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heard you announce, maybe that will be helpful because i think some my supporters will town out any day of the week or any day of the month so it could be a boost to my campaign. >>neil: i pray santa is not hearing you, but in all seriousness you will be participating in the nevada debate tonight and huntsman is not saying new hampshire has been granted first, and that is not sacred but should be honored. what do you say? >>guest: i think they should each make their own decision. never should make their decision. and new hampshire should make their decision. it is a states right through and people outside the state should not have a lot to say about it and i don't feel any compulsion to enter fear in the decisionmaking process and i'm going to campaign and work and be available regardless of when they make the date. >>neil: so, huntsman is not
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participating, do you think it backfires on any you folks would participate in the debate, that you are ... sticking it to new hampshire? >>guest: well, i really don't think so. i thought it was a serious matter i might be thinking more about it but i have not thought it would be that damaging. so, it may just be to some degree with some candidates but i'm not anticipating it would hurt my campaign. >>neil: let's talk a little bit about what you are going to elaborate on, your plan if you should become the next president of the united states to dramatically hack away at the budget, the deficit, and collectively this set, you call for $1 trillion in savings in the first year, to balance it by your third year, and do you really thing that is doable? >>guest: well, if it isn't doable we are embarked on a
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very, very bad process because we have to do something. i think we're in a debt crisis world-wide, not just the united states and not just our state, it is world-wide, sovereign debt, it has been building for decades and i became concerned about it way back even in the 70's believing that the monetary system would lead to something like this and i voted against all the budget of the appropriations essentially because i believed this was dangerous, so, i think if we don't change and decide that debt is a consequence of spending, and you don't solve that problem by spending more money, which is what all the other candidates advocate. >>neil: many agree with you, but think you are rushing us too much including at moody's who do not necessarily have a great track record themselves, but, i want to quote from one, congressman, sort of the head at moody's, referring to your plan
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the debt reduction is a huge impact on the plan much more than the cuts in the five cabinet agencies and removing them and leaving rather than 200,000 federal workers in one swoop out on the street. what do you say do that? >>guest: it is not correct -- accurate. it is through several years and through attrition. >>neil: by three years it is over and they are out. >>guest: well, no, no, no, it will continue. some of the programs will be reduced to 40 percent of what they are and some will be eliminated and some of the departments are eliminated and some of the parts will be maintained but no department status. so, it isn't the debt that is being reduced but it is the spending, the deficit, the deficit is being reduced and that is important because it is the deficit that expands your debt. if you just could freeze the
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debt it would invite our capital home and maybe we could get job growth in the country but at this rate there is nothing offered up there to restore sound economic policy here and lock toward 9 marketplace to solve the problem rather than to the government. no one is challenging fixing interest rates and spending money or running up debt and further regulation, when we get into trouble they give us more regulation, whether sarbanes oxley or the dodd-frank bill. on and on. always more regulation. so, i'm offering a switch on that. i actually believe if we have the right president and i would be determined that we ought to shrink the federal register. wouldn't that be astounding? >>neil: do you worry, your goals make sense, and you do it in less time but the trouble you get from others even in your party, under your plan, the food and drug administration would
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see the budget hacked close to half, 40 percent, maybe less, but, bottom line they are saying, well, that is a president ron paul poisoning america. >>guest: well, i think the f.d.a. has done a lot of mischief, sometimes spending a lot of time preventing good drugs from coming to the market and give assurance that a drug because the drug industry and they harm and they have to remove it. it is a politicizeed group and so often there is an exchange define people in the f.d.a. and in the drug industry so it doesn't mean that this information worst be available to us, but the private industries would try to provide this information rather than the bureaucrats which is always slanted toward certain people, so, there was a time when we lived without the f.d.a. and they did not monitor everything, and, i think, it has involved a
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lot of drug development because you continue to wait for safety and efficiency and effectiveness and at times some of the drugs are actually pretty darn good and it takes, sometimes, decades to get and the f.d.a., so, no, i think there is a lot of strong argument for backing off the protection by the f.d.a., they can protect this no more from problems than the s.e.c. protects us from financial problems and they, they are supposed to protect us from the financial --. >>neil: and that has been increased year after year. finally, congressman, back quickly to this heated up primary season. the betting is that it benefits mitt romney, that he sort of is the guy locked in, right now herman cain has been gaining, not that it means anything but it could be coming to your disadvantage that a process that speeded up hurts guys like you.
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what do you say? >>guest: i have not thought that all of a sudden, if it is one or two or three weeks difference it will make a lot of difference. our organizes are strong in the early primaries on the ground organization in iowa and new hampshire, very strong, something you do not measure on a daily poll so whether it is a week or two earlier i don't think it will change the outcome that much. it may be that some people in the romney organization believe so, and maybe they are mean, you know, this pressure, but i don't know but i certainly don't worry about it. >>neil: great seeing you, be well the reason paul, in nevada. and if new hampshire does choose to move up the presidential primary, leaving aside santa claus is ticked off will it backfire on the going? karl rove is joining us right now. what do you thing of this that suddenly this starts intruding on holidays of folks and there
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they draw the line. >> we like in new hampshire, they like playing a role in the process but i am not sure it will affect people in new hampshire if it is in december. it will give an advantage to some candidates over other candidates but whether it is the 6th of citizen or the 13th of december i don't know they will care. >>neil: but what if it is the 20th of december, or the 22en. >> this is unlikely. the 13th is a good back update. but, look, first of all, we have a game of political chicken going on here, and so, the object is he wants to have nevada now the 17th, to be three days later so there is a week between new hampshire and nevada and we will see if, who, who, who, who blinks at the last minute.
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>>neil: what if no one blings and we go ahead and new hampshire says they will do their thing. i will do my thing. and we front loaded the primaries to be a year ahead of the president being ininaugurated. that is weird. >>reporter: there is not much difference between the 3rd of january when iowa is and the 6th of december. and, look, having gone through this twice, we, the third of january in 2000 was the iowa caucus and we had drunks but, still nursing hangovers from new year's wandering in. >>neil: but the early voting is said to have, on paper, benefited romney, that if you were to lock positions and count it in place, allowing for herman cain's incredible surge, that he is the beneficiary. that is, the governor is the beneficiary. >>guest: that depends. this morning there was an editorial in the paper saying governor romney needs to defend the new hampshire primary and we
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will take notice if he defends our position. >>neil: the only one who benefits is huntsman who is not participating. >>guest: that is right but they could advantage others. it depends if the union leaders decided to take up on behalf of someone else. early state does advantage principally romney in new hampshire because he has good numbers and it also advantages rick perry because rick perry has a stack of cash that he can spend and he gets to spend it slightly earlier and no one else has a chance to get a december bump and huntsman, the resources through december to buy advertising late in december or january. so, but, look, this right now it does work to the advantage of romney but, one of the interesting things of the election is so many things present opportunities which candidates either seize or don't seize and we are likely to see a
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couple of twists and turns before it is settled. >>neil: your thoughts on the occupy wall street protest. the president has dialed down the rhetoric in the month ago -- martin luther king remarks but the damage 9 -- the critics of the president, say this is benefiting republicans because it is scaring the general electorate. do you agree? >>guest: i tend to agree with that. they have not had high would file the last week as i thought they might develop by now, but, yes, it works to the advantage of republicans to the degree democrats are trying to throw their arms around this mob of anarchist and socialists and antisell mights and frustrated young people who want to blame someone for their circumstances. it works to the republican advantage and the democratic disadvantage. i'm frankly at a loss why the president is throwing his arms
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around this and the vice president said it was like the tea party, and former speaker pelosi said thank god for their spontaneousness, and this is not an appealing group if your problem is with culturally conservative blue party voteers which is what the problem is for the president. >>neil: and charles payne on the retained rip-off and man is he letting her rip. >> in a one bedroom apartment in harlem with $10,000 i raised from family and friends, let me tell you something, i bust my ass every day. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪
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>>neil: the president in north carolina pushing to retain teachers and worry workers after $38 million bailout, and will pay for it with 5 percent tax on millionaires and the jobs may
1:18 pm
not be permanent, charles payne fears the tax hikes will be permanent. and now, charles, a radio show kicking off yesterday, you are a fiery young man and you were all lit up and agitated. >>guest: you mean, we are being sets up, right? that is what it has been, elizabeth warren, the president jumping on the bandwagon and if you are successful in this country somehow it is not you, you did not pull yourself up, you did not take every penny you saved for ten years and borrow money from your parents, you did not sweat it out and work 20 hour days. no, it was the paveed road to the building you worked. if you are paying 50 percent, chip in a little bit more. >>neil: you were down on wall street and you were with geraldo but folks were saying, charles, you don't understand. you had breaks we didn't. what do you say to that?
1:19 pm
ocean -- >>guest: i started ploy business in a one-bedroom apartment in harlem and i had nothing. and that was a big break. i had nothing to lose. unfortunately, what is promoted to the kids, you have nothing and you and not be nothing unless you are assisted. the notion that you can do it on your own because we live in a great country, that is not sold and it is really, really, really despicable. we should promote the idea that you can be anything and get anything you want in this country. >>neil: we are going the opposite, the rich should pay more to level the playing field and that is one way to correct it. your fear is, even if you say that is the case, and be careful what you wish for because whatever tax hike you grant it is something that never goes away, whatever spending you get, is something --.
1:20 pm
ing listen, you might have a pitch fork and a torch in your hand and you go from house-to-house to house, you will see it is your house from a billionaire to a millionaire to households making $250,000, and why stop there? $100,000. it is a slippery slope. what is probably the worse part, this is done in the name of the poor, in the name of the helpless. but this money never reaches them. it will be used to buy solar panels. that is what makes it worse. the idea, though, let people know not to give up on the american dream, and it is getting extraordinarily frustrated because i'm not going to be victimized. i personally did not care. i have made money through every administration and lost money through every administration. i have been down. i have been up. i'm worried about people throwing in the towel would have bought into the notion because we suppose through are doing them a big disservice.
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>>neil: we were off almost 200 points but growing optimism that earnings especially on the technology side are going to beat expectation and intel had numbers that did that in the latest period making 69 cents a share better than estimates of 62 cents and made half a trillion bucks more in general revenue than expected. rather, half a billion. the stock was up and we will get apple shortly, as well, sort of
1:25 pm
a technology hat trick coming from the likes of yahoo apple and of course intel. we will keep you posted. and jon huntsman boycotts the debate in las vegas to protest nevada's primary move to try to beat new hampshire to the voting punch. this scan date says he would rather be in new hampshire at this moment and that is where you will find the republican candidate joining me. governor, good to have you. >>guest: always a pleasure to be with you. thank you forgiving me the opportunity. >>neil: what do you think if we do end up seeing folks in new hampshire voting close to christmas? there has to be some anger among those voters, close to christmas? >>guest: if you have it in early to mid-december, you have two things that are very worrisome to the people here in new hampshire and to presumably all candidates who are trying to
1:26 pm
compete. one, you have a compressed timeline that truncates the process and does not allow the message to get out in a state that has been the window which the rest of the country actually gets to understand and meet the candidate. that has been a very important part of traditionally of american politics since the new hampshire primary made its way on to the national scene 100 years ago. but the second part of it is, before the holiday break people are not tuned to to politics, we are still in the 2011 calendar and after the holiday, and start 2012 people think of politics and if new hampshire is not cued up at that point in time they lose the magic they offer the the american people on the issues. >>neil: say you become your party's early frontrunner and you pull it out and win new hampshire, you are the only prominent candidate not
1:27 pm
participating in the las vegas debate tonight. then you kip along to nevada and they remember you skipping there today, and they take it out on you, too, right? >>guest: they also remember me as being a pretty good governor next door, a governor would collaborated a lot with the leadership in nevada. but, more importantly, and you speak about it as if it were a total hypothetical we come out in numb null on ton, i -- top, t is do-able. >>neil: do you have to do it? >>guest: we have to perform well. we have to perform better than expectations and we will perform better than expectations. and then we will go down market to south carolina where we have a great grand strategy. we have people there, organized. we have made some great business in south carolina. but here is what happens. you explain the marketplace to people so very well each day in
1:28 pm
your program, but the marketplace politically, typically adjusts to the reality of people coming out of new hampshire. so, we are talking about how to expand this economy at a time when it desperately needs to happen and we're talking about getting back on our feet in terms of jobs. that is resonating in new hampshire and it will resonate in south carolina and like what john mccain who in 2000 came out of new hampshire with a huge deficit in south carolina, he made that up in a couple of days. >>neil: you are right. it can change quickly. but i wonder, with every step forward do you regret a step or an endorsement or a kind word from, maybe, unusual sources, michael moore the filmmaker, had very kind words for you saying you were the only one not party with brains, saying that the rest of the party is on the tea-tanic referring the tea party taking over the party.
1:29 pm
i am not here to debate michael moore but do you worry, does that hurt you? with mainstream republicans would might look at you as, well, that is the guy michael moore likes; i don't like him. >>guest: if michael moore wants to embrace my pro life and pro gun position and historic tax cut, and my second voucher bill signed in the entire united states position, gee, come on board. but i think more than anything else it speaks to the deficit of leadership we have in this country. truly. people are looking for leadership even if it is not coming from the party which you are affiliated. they are yearning for leadership that can articulate a vision and move us forward during a time of tremendous decide. the divide we have is not natural. it is unhealthy and it is un-american. for the most optimistic blue sky people in this word to be as
1:30 pm
divided as we are, we can do better but if large part it is due to the joblessness situation. i can't help but believe that. and you have a lot of people who may not be on the republican side of the spectrum who could forgive you everything on, with respect to the social policies and they could see a leader, they could see a leader through whose economic plan and leadership proven in the state of utah, might be good, in terms of addressing joblessness, and, therefore, might bring our people together over the long term, and if that is what people are thinking when they look at me, i say bring them on, because this nation needs a serious conversation about how we address and deal with joblessness, and we need a serious conversation about our position in the world. the second decade into the 21st century. we have overhang from the cold war, and we have been involved in the war on terror, now, for 10 years, and we have to get mark recognizing our most important foreign policy challenge, and opportunity, is
1:31 pm
on the economic side. >>neil: we will watch closely. be well, governor. always a pleasure. forget the hit on millionaires the hit on the middle-class, that is already here.
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>>neil: we told you intel numbers better than expected and yahoo earnings were more than they thought although they down
1:35 pm
great a year ago. revenues are in line with what they thought but slightly up from a year ago, so, yahoo, they get a check in favor of "better." and we will look at apple. we got ugly news on inflation which our guest has been saying it was and is a problem and now wholesale inflation moved up .8 percent in the latest month and track for the strongest performance in close to five years, year over year. are you worried? >>guest: absolutely worried. when am i not worried? yes, i'm worried. >>neil: what is the problem going into the holiday shipping season? people will revolt? normally, what happens is the wholesale translate what happens we pay retail. what happens now? >>guest: exactly, so, if you look at holiday sales and think they are up, it is really because everything else is costing more. so, it is kind of a wash, not exactly like the economy is suddenly coming back.
1:36 pm
now, is there christmas? of course. but it goes back to the bifurcated market series: high high end is doing well killing earnings and dollar stores are doing great and everything else in the middle is cross cut, if you will. >>neil: we are still chewing on the details of the apple numbers and people have a predisposition to buy got to have products the last few days, like four million of the new iphones and does that go counter to your argument or does it reinforce your argument? >>guest: i think it reinforces it, apple is a life-style brand, and technology has become the new fashion statement. and, apple if my opinion is a fashion brand. look at their products, and they keep innovating with a product that works unlike blackberry as you saw last week with the outage, and if you had an iphone you got my e-mail. blackberry didn't.
1:37 pm
>>neil: people may not spend as much or buy as many items, is that what we will see this christmas? >>guest: we are already seeing it. consumer behavior has actually changed and there is a new laser focus consumer out there that does their research online, goes to the store, picks it up and leaves. retailers make money, a really pretty for, make it attractive and hope you buy other stuff you don't need. that is not happening because we are researching so much, looking on twitter to hear where the best deal is, and you do not browse as much as you used to so what is happening is consumers are shopping less frequently and making fewer trips. and buying less. >>neil: and buying less. thank you very much. they say virginia is for lovers, democrats, where is the love for the big guy? ♪
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>>neil: finally, housing plan that offered help potentially for everyone, with a proposal
1:41 pm
allowing underwater hope owners who are current on their mortgage to refinance. now, supporters say it will boost the economy and the jobs. and not just those in arrears. and dave ramsey joins us from the hit radio show and the author of the number one new "nw york times" best sellers last. congratulations. what do you make of this? i guess if you are going to split hairs and help only those running late on their payments, might as well help those who are up with their payments. what do you think? >>guest: well, be clear we really have not helped those that are running late on the payments. the obama administration's program, making home affordable program is a failure: 94 percent of applications are not responded to, and only 7,000
1:42 pm
actually got help. do we want to go this and do a government program, yet again, to prop up housing? why think is. now, if the banks want to sit down and, say, it is good business to take care of our good discussing, to talk with the customers, and help them, but the idea for the government to force banker to change contract, i don't think that is wise. >>neil: and the government is not forcing them to roll become the principle and i can understand that, and they are just say, all right, a lot of people do not refinance as you bring up, simply because they are underwater and they can't, they would love to but they want, what if the banks are saying, with the low rate environment, we will let you refinance at the lower rates,
1:43 pm
the principle remains the same, what you owe is what you saw but we taking advantage, and you are taking advantage of the low rates and appear we go together, what do you make of that. >>guest: well, again, it is good business for the bank to do this, not only just being generous not marketplace but it keeps a mortgage from going into default by helping people get a lower payment and they have more of a tendency to stick it out. but, again, the idea of the government coming in and mandating for contracts that have been signed, to be changed, that is a really dangerous legal precedent and it is a bad place to go, it smacks of socialism how we will come in and clean things up using government and taxpayer dollars. if fannie mae or f.h.a. guarantees and will extend the guarantee to the new refinance at the lower rate if that is government help, we with go with that but the government is already on the hook but to create a new fund, a new program, or more taxpayer dollars are committed, no way,
1:44 pm
i'm not in. >>neil: dave ramsey, with the runaway best seller, good to see you and be well. >>guest: thank you, sir. >>neil: they say they protesting the wealthy but do they realize it is literary in the palm of their hands. [ inner voice ] establish connection. give me voice control. applications up. check my email and text messages. hands in position. airbags. ten of 'em. perfect. add blind spot monitor. 43 mpg, nice. dependability. yeah. activate dog. . it's ready. are you? ♪
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>>neil: in virginia, the president moments away from speaking but is this state for lovers ... well, the president not feeling it from democrats there. many skipping out. and now, ed, with the latest. >>reporter: good to see you.
1:48 pm
the former governor in virginia, governor kaine was considered for the v.p. slot but became the hand picked chairman of the democratic national committee and he is not going to be appearing here with the president in virginia or at events tomorrow saying he had a scheduling conflict and republicans thick it has to do with him be in a tight senate race and does not want to appear with an unpopular president who, a month ago, in richmond, when the president the day after unveiled the jobs plan went out on the road and they appeared together on the same stage in richmond but the president does not want to talk about poe technology decision with democrats and wants for go after republicans and today said it is time to "kick the tires on the g.o.p. jobs plan." >> if the republican plan says what is standing between us and full employment is we are preventing companies from
1:49 pm
polluting our air and water too much. we, on the other hand, have said that let's put teachers back if the classroom in north carolina and across the country. >>reporter: after slamming the republicans, the president says he wants to work with them to try to get a deal on his own jobs plan, but one of the very republicans you would specific to work with the president was saying just the opposite in washington, dc, today, issuing a tongue lashing to the treasury secretary. listen to what she had to say. >> rome is burning. and the decimation of the communities and we have had three years of the same unemployment numbers as we do today. that's the point. this is nothing new. >>reporter: she is up for
1:50 pm
re-election, and some of the anger she may be expressing could claim as the white house says is what the republicans are feeling and it could show a economize by the president showing they got something done but it is unlikely the president will get $447 billion jobs plan. he will have to settle for something much less. >>neil: thank you, ed, traveling with the president in virginia. and now we can report this apple earnings are up 54 percent but they were missing very lofty targets and estimates and all of this of hitting the stock in after hours trading and all of the numbers notwithstanding, the latest iphone could explain the numbers. now, we notice plenty of the protesters railing against capitalism on wall street, they use a lot of apple products. and how do necessity have it both ways?
1:51 pm
it is odd, apple, although it did not earn as much money hand over fist, they earned a lot but not many getting many of the protesters rattled. why not? >>guest: they need the products. i have been down to a lot of protests and they are using apple products to communicate, which, believe me they have the fright do but it is against the foundation of what they are talking about. so, look, a lot of the kids borrow or use even wireless signals of the starbucks that are around the corners which is, at best, hypocritical and maybe, at worse, criminal. >>neil: apple was saying in the record, it could mean a lot of folks were waiting to buy the new apple iphones and that is why the numbers were only less than phenomenal, just phenomenal. having said that, a lot of the very same young people are bying the products yet they do not have a problem with apple making
1:52 pm
money hand over fist but a big problem the bangers making money, and certainly not hand over fist, but, with the big oil making money, even though on a per share basis apple makes a lot more than exxonmobil. what do you make of that? >>guest: we well, it is misplaced aggression. look where they are staked out. maybe this is happenstance but they are at the new york stock exchange. in chicago, the chicago board of office and exchange and people on both floors, and if you walk into the buildings you realize that like the people outside who are protesting, a lot the traders have lost their jobs. so, they are misplaced, they should be at the oil rigs and be in washington, to not the traders fault. they are going in to make money, trade stocks, exchange goods for services. they are in the wrong spots. >>neil: karl rove mentioned that maybe the protesting is losing some juice and that with
1:53 pm
the general electorate it is losing the appeal if it had the appeal. what did you thing of that? >>guest: well, i think it is. one thing that is happening as it goes on and on you learn more about the message not being clear. again, you mention on the lead off, against capitalism. well, why are you ewing product -- using products that help you organize and people are see this is not really a movement but more of, maybe, a hobby, and, something, again that is not at root problem. if you want to talk about jobs go to washington, dc, get someone in washington, that will fix it, don't blame mainstream america. >>neil: we can quibble over the details what a company did or didn't do but in the case of apple and yahoo and intel, by and large the technology movement continues and we still are we generating pretty impressive numbers. what do you thing of the market in this economy?
1:54 pm
>>guest: well, i'm worried about it to be honest, i'm starting to see an earnings slow down. now, granded apple is slowing down from 75 percent to frye percent is not exactly anything to get super scared about but i see a slow down, a slow down of demand around the world and troubles in europe and the mark is risky here. >>neil: thank you, from chicago. from the north pole the most famous citizen hit the roof over stocks next on fox. 4g-- the next evolution in wireless technology.
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[ ben harper's "amen omen" playing ] we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> neil: north pole, this just in. san stark freaking out. you heard me right. it just got off the phone with the big guy himself, and i'm telling you, he is seeing red. just don't look now, but old saint nick is ticked. he wants to know what is going on. his primary issue, the primary. all the states dashing through
1:58 pm
the snow. to be the first in the nation to hold theirs. at it first, santa telling me he ignored all the fuss, saying he heard the same talk before and what was the big deal? but then florida moved the primary early. then nevada. then iowa. now new hampshire starting to get antsy. each wanting to be first. each moving earlier and earlier to make themselves first. even if it means voting on christmas, itself. that is what the big guy really blue a bulb. i quote from the interview moments ago, "hey, you ho, ho, ho! be careful what you're rushing. because you're not only messing with the calendar, you're messing with the folks' holiday and messin messing with" he said that. no reason to intrude on the season. so if you're okay giving santa the stiff, you okay with telling santa speed it up, we got to get this vote done? well, think about that.
1:59 pm
think about whether being first in the nation to vote is worth being first in the nation for santa to conveniently forget. let us just say, first in the nation on a certain package delivery night for santa to skip. you're not there yet, but i am telling you, santa just let me know in no uncertain terms he is worried that you are getting very, very close. so, he says you better back the holly off, because state official that put it to the front of the line is last on the list. or off the list? i can't remember because sanity hung up quickly. an hour from now, we have much more on the santa fall-out. st. louis, himself. on fox business network. dare i say it, they might not be getting it, they might not be hearing, the folks talking about it. what say you? >> demand it, neil. demand it. >> all right, then. this is to win santa over. >> too early?


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